Freitag, 8. März 2019

last days of zenuari2019, DC #384, handmade

Hello again!

This time I want you to see the last days of zenuari2019. It was a great expirience, with so many "first-times" in zentangle! Thank you, Anoeska!

Day 22: "optical illusion"

Day 23: "forgotten tangle"

Day 24: "reticula and fragments"

Day 25: " border in a border "

Day 26: " dew drops  "

Day 27: " zenuari swap  "

Day 28: "  one tangle, three different ways  "

Day 29: "  grid tangle in the spotlights "

Day 30: "  denma,  a new tangle "

Day 31: " your favorite  "

And here they are all together:

And here is DivaChallenge 384: this time Laura introduces a new tangle " anthem  " by Jody Genovese.

You want to know, what's going? Taking part in "ValenTangle2019"! Zenuari2019 was presented by Anoeska Waardenburg,  one part of the "two2tangle"-team. Her team-mate Marguerite Samama brings valenTangle2019 to us. Visit her at

Stay tuned!
Yours, anmato.

Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2019

zenuari2019 week 3, DC #383

Welcome to a new blogpost!

Let's continue with zenuari2019.

Day 15 "donut"
I'm so in love with printemps with weighted lines, as Jo Quincey showed on her blog! It's pretty and fun! Tangles: Printemps, Flory.

Day 16 "mini-tangles"
I've never done "african artist" by Tina Akua Hunziker, which was part of the full-moon-mosaic by Hanny Nura.  So here is my prep for it: tangle "african artist" done on a bijou-tile.

Day 17 "zendala"
A 2-in-1-tangle. My contribution to Hanny Nuras "Full-Moon-Mosaic" as well as day  17 of zenuari2019. My first zendala ever!
Tangles "african artist" by Tina-Akua Hunziker and "somnee" by Laura 'I-am-the-Diva' Harms.

Day 18 "snowflake"
Not so perfect, as nature can be.
Tangles "indirella" and "swarm", both by zentangle HQ.

Day 19 "hefty hack"
Oh, I really LOVE this one. I like the colours so much. Tangles "c-curve", "mak-rah-mee", "fescu" and some fun with "mooka".

Day 20 "maze"
Feels like life. Irregular, wonky and definatly not straight to the point.  :D

Day 21 "3Z"
First 3Z-tile I did. Tangles DivaDance rock'n'roll, pokeroot and tripoli.

And my contribution to DivaChallenge #383 "ratoon": I love this tangle, since I first saw it on instagram.

Have a lovely week!

Yours, anmato.

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019

zenuari days 8-14, DivaChallenge #382

Hello again! Today I want to show you more of "zenuari2019". I am really grateful to have that chance for new expiriences in zentangle. So let's start.

Day 8: "No border."

tangles ratoon, tripoli, quandary, fescu, icantoo

Day 9: "new to me tangles"
tangles dragonair and fescu

Day 10: "nametangle"

I've got a doubled name, first part beginning with -a-, sondern with -n-, so I've done an "am"-string and filled in with tangles beginning with -a- and -m-. alien crest by Gael Shepherd, agni by LilyMoon, allium by JJ LaBarbera, and by Sandra Harsveld, mariposa by Linda Farmer, meer by zentangle, mofins by Betsy Wilson, Mr. E by Shawn Hayden

Day 11: "unusual string"
I did the string with my embossing powder and did the tangling using my  zentangle spinner. Flux, florz, jetties, printemps, scena, mooka, divadance rock'n'roll, arukas and n'zepple, all by zentangle HQ.

Day 12: "Grid tangles only!"
Japan Diamond by Laura Lin, Dreamdex by Debbie New, Persian Triangles by Neil Burley, Trickle by Tom&Ela Rieger

Day 13: "byob"
Printemps with weighted ließ as show by Jo Quincey 

Day 14: "idol tangles"
This tile is dedicated to Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb. Her book brought me to the road of zentangle in 2017, and I'm on it yet. Thank you! Can't wait to get to know you in may!
Tangles frunky, edstar, trident, papix, victeur and ottidotti all by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb.

And here is the next DivaChallenge: #382: "  stripes o plenty "

Tangles meer, zenith, pokeleaf, printemps, centipede, shattuck, static

Have I mentioned, that my car broke down monday before christmas? You can't imagine,  what that ment to me! Bringing our christmas tree to our home WALKING and carrying Quarta same time, taking Tertia to kindergarden by tram, doing christmas shopping for meals for 6 persons on my own without a car, wich is for transport all the stuff?! I was so exhausted! Well, that's why I'm thrilled by presenting our new car. Yes, new. Never thought, I would buy a new car ever, but after having 4 really old cars in less than 2 years, I've had enough. It's a "dacia lodgy stepway" with 7 seats. And yes, it's cold out there!

As always: Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Yours, anmato.

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019

zenuari2019 days 1-7 / DivaChallenges #380 + #381 / ZIA

Little late, but: Have a georgeous new jear!

We've gotten some healthy issues during christmas time, visites in hospital included.
But: new jear, new chances. Let's try our best.

Tertia ordered a new sleeping dress,  here it is:

It's an easy t-shirt, without arms,  a little longer and with a ruffle.  The fabric is a wonderful BIO-jersey by  stoffonkel

For Primus' christmas fiest, I did some little ZIA:

Those christmas ornaments are made of cornstarch- clay, dried and painted. 
I did my first template,  too:

Dear Santa brought me a renaissance-set for christmas:

While I was in Dresden, I visited an exhibition of renaissance paintings. It was very impressive!  Look at this foto I took, it's a sketch for a bowl:

See this wonderful little border down there?
I had to put it in my first renaissance-tile, acompanied by fife and pea-nuckle. 

I'm glad to take new chances, that's why I really enjoy "zenuari2019" presented by Anoeska Waardenburg. If you are following me on instagram, you may know these already.

Day 1: "party" - tangle tina by Gem Miller

Day 2: "star" - tangle omt by Cari Camarra

Day 3: "monotangle" - tangle dewd by zentangle and tangelations by zenlinea

Day 4: "biggify" - tangle tripoli by zentangle (I'm sorry, I don't know the name of the second tangle. Do you? Please give me a hint! )

Day 5: "hint of a tint" - tangle  jena by Nadine Roller

Day 6: "blind string" - tangles quendary, meer,  tripoli,  florz,  w2, arukas, crescent moon,  hollibaugh (and more)

Day 7: "duotone" - tangles coaster by Carol Ohl, toodles and divadance rock'n'roll by zentangle

And finally the first DivaChallenges of 2019:

#380: Spundala 

And #381 : a happy new medium 

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful time!

Yours, anmato